OxyBreath Pro Review

If your family is anything like mine, then you’re just as concerned as I am about their health and all of the things lurking outside that your family might be exposed to on a daily basis. Viruses, bacteria and heavy pollution are all around us – and the rate at which people are exposed to these dangerous factors seems to be increasing.

Especially travel to high-risk countries or travel during high-risk times, even if you only travel to work and back, has become a potential risk for everyone in the family.

OxybreathIf you travel, then you can benefit from wearing a face mask when you do. Unfortunately, most standard medical face masks have drawbacks, including the fact that they don’t protect as well against the forms of pollution all around us and the fact that they are becoming harder to find, even for medical professionals.

OxyBreath Pro offers a great alternative to conventional masks with superior protection against pollution and other harmful elements that you might encounter every day. In this OxyBreath Pro review you can find out what I thought about the OxyBreath Pro mask – and why I’ve purchased a few more for friends, family members and visitors since then.

My Oxybreath Review

The majority of medical-style face masks only filter one or two particulate types out of the air: That’s the most basic forms of dust and fine particles, but they might not be as effective when it comes to protecting you against anything else. This is where layered air filtration becomes important.

The OxyBreath Pro offers three-layered protection – and thus three channels through which to filter the air before it gets to you.

This makes it far more effective at pollution and particulate protection than traditional masks, especially for going out into crowded areas.

Not an Obvious Mask

Most protective face masks send the people around you running for the hills: Medical face masks can make you feel like you’re right in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and they can make people around you uncomfortable – whereas the OxyBreath Pro has been designed to be just as stylish as it is effective.

It’s a mask that kids in the family will actually want to wear, and it helps that I have the reassurance of knowing that it keeps them safer.

Protects Immune Systems Better

Oxybreath Pro MaskSince wearing the OxyBreath Pro mask, we’ve noticed that we’ve been getting sick much less as a family; where we used to have the flu at the rate of a few times per year – and we constantly had problems with my wife’s allergies – we don’t as much anymore, and I’m sure that the OxyBreath Pro mask takes credit for why.

When you aren’t exposed to all of the fine particles and pollutants in the air around you every day, your immune system has a chance to recover – and a chance to be stronger for when you encounter bacteria, viruses or infections.

This way, you stay healthier for the long-term: It’s a huge part of why we continue to keep OxyBreath Pro masks around.

OxyBreath Pro is Great for Families

The OxyBreath Pro mask is both affordable and multi-use. It happens to look great, too! This makes it great for families – and especially great for families who would like to have the reassurance that everybody in the family is as well protected as they can be against fine particulates and pollution.

Effective Against Fine Particulates

When we’re not talking about regular air pollution, fine particles in the air is your second biggest danger: These can typically trigger serious allergies, and might even cause more harm if you suffer from a long-term chronic condition like asthma – or have a current infection to ward away.

The OxyBreath Pro guarantees effectiveness against fine particulates in the air in addition to pollution. I’ve found that this makes it great for wearing in the workshop and working with sawdust, too: Simply, it has more uses than just one!

The OxyBreath Pro Mask has an Elastic Design

Many masks available on the market aren’t a tight (or a good) fit: Others are too tight. When it comes to a protective mask, you want to be very sure that the mask can’t (and won’t) slip off at crucial times – this can leave the mask completely ineffective.

The elastic design of the OxyBreath Pro mask ensures that it’s a comfortable fit for everyone in the family, and that it seals away the face from outside air and pollution more effectively than some other masks you’ll find for sale.

It can be hard to find a mask that fits everyone, especially when you’re buying for a family with a few people of different ages: We didn’t have that problem with the OxyBreath Pro, and that’s one part of why we stick with it.

OxyBreath is Made from Carbon Materials

Oxybreath Pro ReviewThe OxyBreath Pro is made from durable carbon-based materials: This gives you the added guarantee that it’s long-lasting – and won’t pick up- damage while in storage or use. Standard medical face masks are exceptionally thin and they are made for one-use usefulness – and this is one of their biggest dangers.

Inhale-Exhale Protection

The OxyBreath Pro mask has a smarter design than most masks, with an added breathing valve that opens up upon exhaling without letting any outside particulates or pollution in. This makes it more intuitive than most traditional face masks – and with added inhale-exhale protection it’s made to be worn for the long-term.

Long Shelf Life

The majority of face masks have an expiry date of just a few months – especially in times where people have been ordering them in bulk at an unforeseen rate, like today, which can leave only close-to-expiry stock on standard medical masks left at many retailers if they stock them at all.

The OxyBreath Pro boasts with a longer shelf life, so they’re easier to buy in bulk and store for longer, like we did.

Multi-Use Mask

The majority of medical masks can only be worn once or twice: Again, that’s another drawback of standard medical masks that you won’t see with the OxyBreath Pro, which carries a much better, more effective design than other medical masks available on the market.

Our OxyBreath Pro Review

We have tried the OxyBreath Pro Mask for a couple of days in a large city which had a Coronavirus outbreak. The mask felt secure and was easy to use. The filters did their job and the mask also was very comfortable to wear.

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